Meet the Crew & their Home


I wasn’t sure if I’d like cruising around the oceans and was too scared to try it on my own. So I got from Cape Town to Trinidad on another boat, with my beloved cat Ska, and was fortunate to buy there the SY ‘Ocean Maiden’.  Since then, the learning curve is steep, very steep but I keep us afloat and happy on our new home.

Ska died in Martinique in 2017 and his spirit still sails with us on the boat – too many things we shared on this adventure and lots on the boat which reminds me of my great furry friend. In the meantime, little Gekkos keep popping up, teasing me – they wouldn’t have had a chance before.

If you’d like to contact us, leave us your details and comment below.

Yours Aye – Silke & the Ocean Maiden

Ocean Maiden
Ocean Maiden


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