Meet the Crew & their Home


Meet Ska, the ‘real’ Captain onboard the SY ‘Ocean Maiden’: Unlike my human, I was born in this century (just) and enjoy a cat’s more mature years on board.  I didn’t take to sailing easily but being on our own boat changed that, I can gimble now better than our stove and no storm so far got me from my sleeping routine – though my human could do something about the floor – i just can’t get a proper grip on it when the boat is not even!

And from the Human, Silke: I wasn’t sure if I’d like cruising around the oceans and was too scared to try it on my own. So I got from Cape Town to Trinidad on another boat, with my beloved cat Ska, and was fortunate to buy there the SY ‘Ocean Maiden’.  Since then, the learning curve is steep, very steep but I keep us afloat and happy on our new home.

If you’d like to contact us, leave us your details and comment below.

Yours Aye – Silke, Ska & Ocean Maiden

Ocean Maiden
Ocean Maiden



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