A landlubber’s life…

A breezy winter day on Sylt
A breezy winter day on Sylt

Welcome sailors and landlubbers,

it is the time to reflect on past adventures and plan new ones – my beloved cat Ska and I took refuge at my parents place on the island of Sylt in the most Northern part of Germany while our boat, the ‘Ocean Maiden’ is stored in a winter hall on an island in the middle of the Kiel canal. Although she is amongst hundreds of fellow yachts, I try to get to her as often as I can and give her well-deserved love and care to get her ready for the next episode of sailing into the blue. Unlike in the Caribbean, say Trinidad where i bought her, it is quite a lonely affair working on the boat and it’s sooooo cold!!! Not what we’re used to, that is Ska, the boat or myself – I even had to ‘winterize’ her so that hopefully no pipes or other containers burst in or after the frost.  Can’t paint or glue anything yet, you have to wait for warmer weather (March I hope…).  And if you’re fingers start sticking to the metal bits you know it’s time to make a steaming hot coffee – and drink it right away before it’s frozen….

In the meantime I keep myself busy visiting friends in South Africa and in Germany and with other bits and pieces that one can do while on a sabbatical in Germany – having fairly good internet, deliveries that take between 1 or 2 days (not weeks or months as we’re used to….) and enjoying a hot bath after a chilly winter walk when you’re whole body is red like a boiled crab because your blood is just pumping!

A beautiful plate given to me by my dear friend Liz Webb
A beautiful plate given to me by my dear friend Liz Webb
Chilled seafood
Chilled seafood

Sailing and boat care are still fairly new to me and the learning curve is steep, advice is readily available but need to learn how to apply it to our situations. And there is so much more to learn and discover. Stay tuned for more on the past year’s adventures and new ones to follow.

Silke & Ska

Merry Christmas from Silke & Ska
Merry Christmas from Silke & Ska

2 thoughts on “A landlubber’s life…

  1. Bernard February 11, 2015 / 23:40

    Great pics , wishing you fun learning and adventuring.


  2. Mum February 11, 2015 / 16:16

    Guter Anfang!


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